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My Favorite Records of 2011

Favorite Single / 7”

The Fire, The Steel, The Tread / Up To Nothing by Hot Water Music

Yes, it sounds eerily more like Chuck’s solo stuff then HWM (especially the first track), but it’s a couple of great songs to add to the long list of greats by these stalwarts.

Favorite EP

Polymers Are Forever by Future of the Left

Andy Falkous is a mad welshman, and I love him.

Favorite Records

10. Major/Minor by Thrice

The first Thrice record in a long time that’s actually manage to keep my interest. It sounds very 90s to me, but in a good way.

9. Yuck by Yuck

Another record on my list that sounds uber 90s?!

8. Fell & Found by Small Brown Bike

It’s no Dead Reckoning, but it’s an excellent record nonetheless.

7. Relax by Das Racist

The only hip hop record on my list in a year filled with great hip hop records.

6. Rebuilding Year by Bridge and Tunnel

The list wouldn’t be complete with at least one record from No Idea, and this is their best of they year.

5. Several Shades of Why by J Mascis

A guitar god puts out his first proper solo record and it’s mostly acoustic and completely awesome.

4. Office of Future Plans by Office of Future Plans

I love everything J. Robbins has ever done. From Jawbox, to Burning Airlines, and even Channels. He adds a full time cellist in his newest outing.

3. Gloss Drop by Battles

And I thought they were done when Tyondai left. How wrong was I?

2. David Comes to Life by Fucked Up


1. W H O K I L L by tUnE-yArDs

Endlessly creative, interesting, accessible and enjoyable. The first time in a long time that picking my absolute favorite record of the year was easy.

Merry Christmas!

Could the Search Be Over?

I’ve always had the intention of blogging consistently. One of the biggest roadblocks in my attempt to accomplish that goal was finding a blogging engine that suited my work flow. Hopefully octopress is the answer. This blog will most cover everything and anything that interests me: software development (Ruby in particular), Brazilian Jiu-Jistu, fatherhood, music, movies, etc. Hopefully future posts are significantly more interesting then this one.

Stay tuned!